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Established in 2017, Sokoza has a wide range of experience within the Transport Engineering Industry. Browse through a selection of builds we have been privileged to be involved in.

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Bridgestone Fleet Truck

Our relationship with Bridgestone can be traced back to Sokoza’s beginnings. Initially our only customer, Bridgestone has supported our growth and development since day one. We are privileged to be able to turn out their truck bodies. The standard Bridgestone Fleet Truck is a common sight around NZ. The truck is set up for optimumContinue reading “Bridgestone Fleet Truck”

3-way Tipper Body

Sokoza was commissioned to build a 3-way tipper for a utility company. The concept of the 3-way tipper means that material can be tipped off the side of the truck without having to reverse up to the tip location. This is especially useful when working on city garden beds where the team are working inContinue reading “3-way Tipper Body”


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