Sokoza was born in answer to a challenge.

Meet Paul

Paul started Sokoza in 2017 as an answer to a customer request. While managing a local Matamata engineering workshop he came across a customer who needed specific work done for their needs but it was a little outside of the scope of where he was working.

Having been a fabricator welder by trade, and with a keen eye for detail, Paul was motivated to start his own company to bring the challenge of customized products to life for his customers. Starting with a borrowed welding machine and favors from friends, Sokoza was born early in 2017.

Sokoza is a Zulu word that makes to flourish and excel which is exactly what we strive to do. Our colours were chosen to show the mixture of Paul’s heritage (African Sunset Orange) and the company’s New Zealand Roots (Black & Silver).



We are constantly looking for news ideas and keeping up to date with innovations in technology.

Being a small team, our customers are able to put faces to the hard work that goes into their build. This also allows us to actively listen to your needs and give solutions.

Camco & Sokoza

April 1st, 2021 marked the day that Camco officially took the reins on Sokoza.

Camco Industries are leaders in the Van fitouts & Ute service bodies industry which makes this a natural acquisition for Camco.

Sokoza takes Camco into the heavy vehicle space adding strengths to Camco as we can create, offer, and develop cross company links.

“We aren’t here to change Sokoza. We want to introduce systems and processes that have been proven in Camco and bring our knowledge of the supply chain, lean processes, and established relationships to Sokoza”.

Carl Blackman, Managing Director – Sokoza Engineering

Staying local is very important to both Camco and Sokoza and this hasn’t changed with this acquisition. Sokoza will continue to customize their solutions with inhouse design and build in Matamata, and the team at Camco will continue with their production focused goals and product standardization.

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